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To get the order links before anyone else, sign up for our mailing list!  Order links drop at noon on Sundays.  Slots sell out fast but don’t give up if you see sold out.  Everyone has 10 minutes to complete their order and if they don’t, the slot opens back up.

Sometimes we do surprise drops during the week so keep your notifications on.


1) Can I call in my order?
We only accept online orders. The best way to reach us is through Facebook messenger or Instagram.

2) Can I pay cash?
We are cashless and prepaid only at the moment.

3) Why do I have to schedule my order in advance?
Our dough takes 3 days to make.  By scheduling orders in advance, we can make sure every pie is as perfect as possible. You will never have to wait in a long line for your pizza or worry about how long it’s going to take. Order ahead, show up at your time slot, grab your pizza and go enjoy it! Simple, safe, smooth.

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