Payaa FAQ

Questions? We’ve Got Answers

How can I order a Pizza Payaa?

We are doing pre-orders only. Sign up for our mailing list.  Every Sunday we will release an ordering link for the upcoming week that will be first come, first served.  Order slots fill up fast!  You have 10 minutes to complete your order.  Once those 10 minutes are up, the order slot becomes available again.

Where are you located?

We are located inside of MassVR at 4 Currency Dr in Bloomington.

Why are you only doing contactless, prepaid pre-orders?

It helps us plan with staffing, inventory and to maintain the absolute highest quality. Our dough takes days to be this good, so rather than guess, we make exactly what we need (and a little extra) to make sure that every pizza is amazing. Bonus points – you don’t have to wait in line!  Just show up, grab your pizza and enjoy.

What is Sicilian style pizza?

It’s the pizza you didn’t know you were missing. New York’s version of pan pizza. It’s crispy and crunchy on the outside, airy, light and pillowy on the inside. It takes several days to make pizza this good and it’s worth the wait!

Why are you only doing Sicilian pizzas?

Sicilian pizzas travel and reheat extremely well so it’s a natural fit for carry out.  We are focusing on Sicilian pizzas for now but don’t worry, we will eventually add our thin crust, New York style to the menu, too!

Are you going to open more days/hours?

Yes! We will eventually add more days, times and Pizza Payaas.

Do you offer dine-in?

We do not offer full service dine-in at this time.  However, MassVR has a large dining room with a full bar and is staffed until 7pm if you’d like to enjoy your pies on site!

Do you deliver?

We do not offer delivery at this time.

What size are your pizzas?

We offer 10×8 Squares (yea, we know that’s not a square but that’s what they call it!). Each pizza serves 1-2 people. If you’re ordering for a group, we recommend about 2 pizzas for every 3 people.

Are the leftovers any good?

Yes! We properly ferment our dough and only use the best ingredients so these pizzas reheat beautifully in the oven (350-400 for about 8-12 minutes) or on the stovetop. No microwaves, please. They even taste great cold. Check out our Instagram to see a pinned video of our favorite way to reheat for maximum crispiness and melty cheesy goodness.

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