What are people saying about Pizza Payaa?

    One of the best pizza crusts we have ever had. The toppings are amazing. We order almost weekly and have never been disappointed. We love the addition of Mikes Hot Honey for a little kick. We look forward to experiencing more of their very creative pizzas. Thank you for being in our town.

    Mary McClintock

    We have had Pizza Payaa, several times now. We keep going back because of the flavor, the crust, the sauce, the ingredients, the love and passion that Adam puts into every pizza. The Sicilian style crust is amazing light airy with a bit of chew. The sauce has a great flavor and the toppings are of high quality ingredients. We are Huge fans and huge supporters to the success of Pizza Payaa! Thanks Adam and keep up the great work!


    Pizza Payaa is the BEST!! To say my family and I are obsessed is an understatement. It might be the best crust I’ve ever had and the different kinds of pizzas they have are all great. I have been anxiously waiting for the opening and literally sent the email that announced it to my family group chat saying “this is the best email I’ve ever received.” 10/10 would recommend to everyone!

    Claudia Zitkus

    I’ve had the opportunity to have pizza from Pizza Payaa a few times now! I LOVED the thin crust from summer 2020, but also enjoyed the traditional crust that they currently have. Their ordering system is exciting and I feel lucky when I get a spot. I plan to order again soon!

    Hanna Cresci

    This pizza was better than I imagined! I don’t know which part was my favorite the crust, sauce, or pepperoni, but combined I could not get enough!! I can’t wait to order again soon!

    Emily Eckert

    These pizzas are made with nothing but love and you can taste it! The crust… well it’s absolutely amazing. Crunchy, chewy, light and airy… oh man! Quality toppings combined with delicious sauce offer up Bloomington’s best pizza! Hands down!

    Kourtney Magee

    This pizza is excellent! Adam (owner of Windy City Wieners), who has trained under New York City pizza wizards, totally gets that execution and quality are everything in the food biz. Signed up for a 12:15 slot and the pie came out of the oven right on time. Bloomington hasn’t seen pizza like this before!

    Merrick McLean

    What an amazing addition to the Bloomington-Normal community. Pizza Payaa was absolutely delicious and has me sold on the Sicilian-style pizza. The owners were friendly, greeting guests picking up their pizzas and sharing their passion for this incredible product. The homemade crust is about an inch thick, perfectly caramelized and still remarkably light and airy. The toppings were plentiful, the tomato sauce was sweet and fresh, and we especially loved the garlic sauce, which reminded us of our trips to Brooklyn. There is a reason this place sells out regularly. Can’t wait to go back!

    Dayna Brown

    This is absolutely the best pizza in Bloomington Normal! The topping are fresh, the sauces are handcrafted and the crust is “to die for”. Its crispy yet fluffy/ light texture crust mixes well with the sauces. Can’t wait for Pizza Paya to open full time!

    Michael Thompson

    Best pizza ever. The crust is unbelievably crispy and the toppings so fresh! I highly recommend trying it!!

    Christine Flasza

    My family cannot get enough of Pizza Payaa! And it somehow gets better every time. No place else in the Blono area has crust this good. It’s seriously delicious.

    Lindsay Norton

    Pizza Payaa is FABULOUS!!! Love the crust and the toppings are fresh! Hot honey is the perfect “extra” in the cup pepperoni! Well done Pizza Payaa…..

    Tammy Alsene

    This is the best pizza I’ve ever had hands down! I usually only eat thin crust or New York style, and the Sicilian converted me. My new favorite kind of pizza. Looking forward to eating this on the regular 🙂

    Brittany Fricke

    Had my first Pizza Payaa. Simply put- very very good. Different and excellent crust. Pan thickness light, airy and tasty. Great toppings. Nothing like it around BloNo.

    drew klein

    There isn’t a pizza place in town that can measure up to pizza payaa. The pizza is just simply out of this world delicious and unlike any other in town. I can eat pizza from this place week after week!!!

    Cassandra Marie

    Pizza Payaa is so unique and so delicious. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it every time I’ve tried it, and I can’t wait to be able to order regularly. Definitely worth the wait!

    Allen Hays

    Awesome pizza, none like it in Bloomington-Normal area. Crust is light airy and crisp. Will definitely become a regular customer

    Matt stuckel

    Amazing pizza!!!! Best pizza in BLONO. Cannot say enough good things about it!

    Olivia Cresci

    This Payya is fiya!!! You will NOT be let down. I can’t get enough.

    Steven Flasza

    This pizza in ungodly good. This is worth your time trying to get this amazing pizza when pre-orders go live! Best pizza in town.

    Chad Sabin

    Tried 3 different pizzas and they all were amazing! Best pizza in Bloomington.

    Shelby Vincent

    This pizza is amazing, seriously the best crust and flavors. Would highly recommend, could eat it everyday!!

    Tiffany Sirtola

    Wowowow! The crunch! Best pizza ever! Highly rec! 😋 🍕

    Sally Sing

    Fantastic pizza out of the over and even days later reheated.The crust steals the show here. Will be coming back for more.

    Bobby Brooks

    Best pie I’ve ever had – and it’s not close.

    Samuel Stuckel

    Incredible experience, best Pizza Payaa we’ve eatin in the BloNo area in our lives! We are excited for owners of n can’t wait to start throwing our $$$ at them ASAP!

    Ron Snyder

    Excellent! Best pizza crust I’ve ever had.

    Mark Shover

    Literally a slice of heaven!

    Erin Bruce

    Excellent pizza!

    Patrick Mann

    Excellent pizza!

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